What if I cannot login to my YouTube account?

If you cannot login to your YouTube account, you can use your YouTube user id as channel name to fetch all your playlists. Note iTubeList can only access your public playlists.

What if you have video but no sound?

This happens on some users. Try these:

- Flip the switch by the volume on the side of your iPad.

- This could be a bug in iOS. You can easily fix it by:
Go to Settings->General->User Side Switch to: Mute. Then turn on the switch button.

- If it didn't work, double tap the home button to bring up the task bar. Swipe to the right and you should see a speaker icon all the way on the left side. Tap that icon to unmute the system sounds and you should be good to go. Then tap the home button again to return to the home screen.

- If this didn't work it is possible that you have the sound turned all the way down. The volume control is right under the side switch.

If all these cannot resolve your problem, please don't make the purchase.

If I delete the app, will I be charged for the "Continuous" feature again?

No. The in-app purchase items are connected to your iTunes account. So you could restore your purchase by buying it again without being charged again.

First make sure you login with the same iTunes account you used for purchase last time.
Press the gear icon to open settings, you'll see the option to purchase the In-App option in the "Settings".
Tap the Buy button, you'll be asked to enter your iTunes account info, and then you'll be notified that you've already purchased the upgrade and you can download it again for free.

I purchased on iPhone app, shall I purchase on iPad app again?

You can buy the in-app item for free with the same iTunes account.

What if I forget the passcode?

The default passcode is 9999 or today's date (in MMDD format). You can use it to reset passcode in the settings.

Does iTubeList require an internet connection?

Yes. The videos are streamed from YouTube as you watch them, and not stored on your device for later use.

How to use iTubeList at the first time?

At the first use, there is no playlist on the home page. You can tap the search or add button on the toolbar to add playlists onto your home page.

Is Apple TV supported?

Yes, supports continuous play as well.

How to create your own playlist?

You can use Google's YouTube app or YouTube website to create playlists in your YouTube account. If you don't yet have an account, you need to sign up one. Browse through YouTube and find the video you'd like to include in your playlist. Tap the '+' Add button on the video to add the video to your playlist. Then in iTubeList, you can log on to YouTube and fetch your playlists to the app.

In YouTube, you can choose whether your playlist is public or private. But please do not set it as private since iTubeList cannot fetch private playlists.

How to edit a playlist?

First, you need to enable delete/reorder in the settings. Second, tap the button in the playlist to enter edit mode. Then you can tap delete button to delete a video or drag reorder button to move a video. When finished, tap ✓ to exit edit mode.

Please disable the delete/reorder feature when not in use to avoid unwanted action by your kids.

How to find a "good" playlist?

You may try different combination of keywords in search. e.g. Using "tom and jerry episode" instead of "tom and jerry" can give you better search results.

Not all the videos from the youtube playlist are shown in the iTubeList?

Some videos (mostly songs) are restricted by owners to be shown on mobile device.

One of the videos in a playlist is broken.

If the "TV" with the triangle appears gray with a big stripe across it, it means that video is no longer available on YouTube or restricted for mobile device.

What is playlist id?

Playlist id is a 16+ character string to identify a playlist on YouTube. e.g. The web address of a YouTube playlist is like this:


The characters after p= is the playlist id.
You can recommend a playlist to your friend by providing this id. If you receive an email recommendation with a playlist id, copy and paste it into iTubeList and add the playlist to your home page.

How to stop showing the "Bye-bye" alert message?

This alert occurs if parental control option of "alert your kid after playing videos by certain period of time" is set. You can close and relaunch the app to reset the timer.

Any other questions? Send email to iTubeList@gmail.com.