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Besides having the most comprehensive collection of videos in one place, the other good thing about YouTube is that it has an extremely large community of users who work hard and diligently to organize this ever-growing database of videos into playlists that make YouTube even more enjoyable.

Do you want to watch episodes of American Idol? There are YouTube playlists for that. Or do you wish to learn how to play the guitar. There's a playlist for that as well. Like music? There are plenty of Michael Jackson playlists.

iTubeList app let you search and find YouTube playlists like music, TV episodes, cartoons, and much more. Then you can save them into the app so that you can watch them anytime later.

iTubeList is great for parents too. If your children love YouTube but you don't want them to be exposed everything YouTube has to offer, then this app is what you are looking for. Parents can search and preview YouTube playlists before save them into the app. Then kids can play by themselves and have hours of entertaining experience. Parents also can choose kid-safe playlists from our screened kids video collection.

Our Story:

The idea for iTubeList is created while I am looking for videos for my 3 year old son. My son likes watching YouTube playlist such as Spiderman, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Dr. Seuss, etc. Actually, because of the unbelievable number of videos hosted on YouTube, you almost can find anything you want on it. With the aid of right tool, I am sure you will also find your favorite playlists that your kids love to watch!

Unlike other video apps, iTubeList has been designed for kids at the very beginning. All the navigation is image-rich, and simple to understand. No inappropriate comments - just the videos! Kids can select a playlist, and then watch their favorite episodes with a simple tap on the thumbnails.


If you have any questions with the product, please let us know by sending email to iTubeList@gmail.com.